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Gabi Meana

Gabi Maena was born in Northern Spain and became childhood friends with Willy through their common love of tennis and padel. In 2008, he moved to the US to play at South Carolina State University. After a successful college and pro career in tennis, Gabi moved to Miami to pursue his masters degree in Industrial Engineering at Florida International University.

He began leading coaching programs and managing various high end racket sports clubs across Florida. Concurrently, the padel community that spurred from Wayne Boich’s front yard continued to grow.

Gabi represents the spirit of the sport, taking invaluable time to teach the beginners who are now self-proclaimed padel enthusiasts. Every member at Reserve has personal experiences with Gabi and can recount their first lessons where he taught them to slow down and master the technique. Today Gabi is a partner, Elite Pro and runs operations at Reserve.

Juani Ignacio Tojeiro

Juani started playing padel at 13 years old, enjoying mostly friendly games at his neighborhood padel court. At 17 he began playing AJPP tournaments at a much more competitive level, whilst studying journalism to become a newscaster.

Juani later came to the US at 23 years old and met Gabi and Willy (Reserve partners) in Miami, where they started playing and coaching the local padel community. As Juani continued to evolve as a padel player, Gabi and Willy introduced Juani to Wayne Boich.

Juani is an integral part of the reserve team. He provides lessons on a daily basis to children, members and non-members at all skill levels. The sky is the limit for Juani as he continues to mature as a player on and off the court.

Juan Martin Diaz

Juan Martin Diaz, born in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Juan Martin started his career in padel in the late 80s, playing with Mago Sanz. He moved to Spain and soon become the best player in the World. Pairing with Fernando Belasteguin, he dominated the tour for almost two decades. With Fernando Belasteguin, Juan Martin became World Number 1 and held that position for 13 consecutive years, winning 170 out of the 191 finals they played together. Juan Martin holds an unique record in padel as the team remained unbeaten during a whole full season, extending their strake of winnings to one year and 9 months. Juan Martin’s endless passion for padel has kept him competing at the age of 46. He is still ranked as a TOP 30 player in the world and competing in all the main Center Courts around the World.

Juan Martin, married to Victoria, has 3 children and the Diaz family decided to move to Miami where Juan Martin joined Reserve, as Chief Padel Officer, to keep growing the sport he loves in United States.

Valentin Ricci

Valentin was born in Mar Del Plata, Argentina which is known as the “City of Players.” The same city Reserve Professional Juan Martin Diaz was born. Valentin started playing at age eleven, as a recreational activity in the community. When Valentin transitioned to high school, he started playing competitive tournaments within Argentina.

Valentin moved to the United States in 2015, where he began coaching within the local Miami padel community. Throughout his coaching experience within the community, Valentin has earned a reputation for discipline, technique, and most importantly having fun with his clients. During the time he was coaching he became friends with Gabi and Willy, which made his integration to the Reserve Team seamless. Valentin gives lessons to all levels of players and plays an integral role in the clinics that are held within the club.